Experienced Digital Marketer

Facebook Ads Specialist

As a Facebook ads specialist I realize that businesses need not views and likes but sales. That's why I prefer performance method which means using data from the website to control every step of visitor, gently leading him to become a client.

Google Search Ads Specialist

As a certified Google Search Ads specialist I can use this tool to find warm or hot requests for business needs. I have skills to collect a huge semantic core of direct and close keywords in short terms. After collecting the keywords I can make relevant headlines and descriptions that will be attractive for clients.

Sales tunnels architect

I have a great experience in sales tunnels in Telegram, Viber, and email. Expert user of such tools as Leeloo.AI, Smart Sender, GetCourse, Bitrix24 Marketing Tools and lots of other.


I can make a prototype for a conversional landing page or to make it myself in a constructors like,, Wordpress, etc. Also I have a big experience in Opencart and  WooCommerce e-comm platforms. I've made more than 100 websites at all by myself.

Bitrix24 Partner

As a bitrix24 partner I have an "Integration" certification. But I quite good in making business processes and automatizations. While using Bitrix24 in my own businesses from 2015 I've became quite experienced in using this great CRM.

Chat bots

Besides of sales tunnels I have an exp in making different chats bot for different business targets. I can construct a chat bot for qualification of clients or a chat bot for sales.

Marketer Skills

I have a good knowledges in whole. I've studied a lot of courses in marketing, like Jeff Walker, Leeloo.AI academy, Maria Solodar Digital Marketer's Course, Targetorium

Sales Skills

While being a real business owner I understood that it won't be any way to grow your business without sales. That's why I don't worry when I need to sell my experience or my services to help someone.

About Me

Strong interpersonal and leadership skills. 7 years of own business experience. I acquired extensive knowledge of making business processes and controlling processes. Skilled in problem solving, analysis, and decision making. I am always driven by results and strongly believe in accountability for myself and others.

To be honest - I fond of a digital marketing. I'm reading a lot of posts by this theme and a lot of books by this theme. I understand a truly value for business of a well-made communication with customers and I have a big pleasure to be part of it while making it for my own or my client's projects.

My Video introduction from


2012 - 2013

ERC - Valed Apple Distributor

Apple Solutions Consulter

While working on the position of Apple Solutions Consulter I've got a great exp in sales and cooperation. Our main propose was to educate other sellers in the biggest retailers in Ukraine to sell Apple's products more effective

2013 - 2018

Magic Mouse - Apple Service Centers


After working in ERC I've founded my own company. For the next 5 years I've extended my business to 3 cities: Zhytomyr, Kiev and Lutsk. Our team counted nearly 15 members inside and more than 30 partners outside. While making this business I've got a great exp in marketing, sales, team-building, cooperation and making processes

2013 - 2018

Romanov.Digital and Academy.Romanov.Digital


In 2018 I've realized my own potential in business automatization and marketing so I founded Romanov.Digital with my wife, while she already was an experienced Facebook ads specialist and made a successful Instagram Expert Profile. Until 2020 we managed advertisements for more than 150 clients form Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Canada. We also helped more that 1500 people to use Facebook ads platform with out self-made courses at


Google Search Ads Certification

Maria Solodar Digital School Certification

amoCRM Certification

My Marketing Projects

August 2019 - March 2020

Marketing Support for the Tote Bags Producer

This was quite interesting project. At the begging there was a total disaster in their marketing! So we made a new website, new Google Ads campaign, new Facebook campaign and a lot of another work. As a result - they earned nearly 67000$ per month while marketing costs were at 5000$

2018 - 2020

Romanov.Digital Academy

At the begging it was just one course about introduction to Facebook ads business manager. Now it is an educational project that taught more than 3000 people at the different courses.


1997 - 2000School #5
Lutsk, Ukraine

2000 - 2001School #12
Zhytomyr, Ukraine

2001 - 2008School #71
Kyiv, Ukraine

2009 - 2015Poltavian Missionary Seminary, Komsomolsk, Ukraine